Our Programs

CEF operates the following programs to meet its mission.

Scholarship Program

Grants are awarded at the following academic levels:

  • • Basic School
  • • Primary School
  • • High School
  • • University, including:
    • - Music School
    • - Sustaining Scholarships
    • - Employment Internships

Mentoring Program

For ongoing support of CEF scholars

Computer Literacy Program

To assist schools in obtaining computers for classroom instruction

Educational Foundation

Social science research findings indicate that a
child's earliest experiences significantly influence her or his future development, both positively and negatively.
Our children's educational development can determine their contributions, or costs, to society over the course of their lives (UNESCO).

CEF’s educational access programs start at the Infant and Basic School level, because strong early educational foundations foster personal growth and social responsibility. We continue our support with scholarships at the primary, high school, and university levels.  This solid foundation in education is imperative to achieve positive contributions from youths in our society.