Our Mission

CEF is dedicated to the social and economic advancement of Jamaica, the Caribbean and developing world through a community-based approach to enlarge youths' access to quality education.

We emphasize collaboration and partnership with local communities to create meaningful entry to education for underprivileged children.

A solid foundation in education will expand children’s opportunities so they may reach their full potential as unique human beings and create an improved and sustainable quality of life in the Caribbean and developing nations.

Our Vision

CEF's vision is to become a pioneer in ensuring meaningful access to quality education for Caribbean children in financial need.

Collectively, CEF and its global partners will make significant contributions to the educational advancement of Jamaica and the Caribbean by helping to increase the quantity and caliber of the region's intellectual capital. This will translate into social and economic progress throughout the Caribbean and developing world. Through our fundraising, marketing, accountability, transparency and ethical business practices, we will secure significant support from individuals and entities worldwide.

Within five years, CEF will expand its expertise and effective Jamaica programs model for educational access into other Caribbean countries and the developing world.